A sampling of various projects with roles taken part in.


The DNA poster created prior to this project along with the COVID posters were very well received, and the researchers were eager to get back to the field with an even better product. Based on some feedback from community members, research assistants and the research team to improve the message, people were excited to be represented in the poster and with that in mind they wanted each community to be represented.

Sculpting Science is a unique fusion of art and science, ceramics art students used high-resolution microscopic images of nature for inspiration, and science students used this experience to find new and creative ways to present scientific information.

While maintaining the Arizona State University brand, the VisLab used miniatures to develop a recognizable look within that brand.

From honey jar labels to giant banners, staying on brand is an important part of maintaining Arizona State University's identity. Collaborating with over 200 designers and programmers within the university allows for a certain structure and consistency.

Exploring the southern parts of Costa Rica following researchers from ASU, the Phoenix Zoo, Mexico and local collaborators working to protect rainforest habitat, and more specifically jaguars.

From Jan. 2019 to July 1, 2021, Kenro Kusumi served as the director for School of Life Sciences, the largest academic unit in The College and the university. During this time, he also served as the Associate Dean of Strategic Partnerships for The College.

Jennifer Fewell was our interim School of Life Sciences director, and the end of her tenure was around the time where we have our annual summer potluck. We asked her if she wanted to do a celebration, but she didn't want one and just wanted to enjoy the small gathering.

In my experience, project management has always been a key component in running a successful team. What is most important is that everyone on the team follows procedure.

Night of the Open Door is an event based on a long-running, portal-busting event held each year in Berlin, Germany.

A movie quiz done in illustration and used as a team building activity.

Illustrations and graphic design for posters as a tool for learning, teaching and research in the pastoral communities in northern Kenya Lake Turkana region. These posters had to explain the messaging with little to no text.

In our efforts to eat healthful and low-calorie foods, my wife, Patricia and I have been collecting, experimenting, and calculating calories for healthy recipes we find in magazines, cook books and old family favorites.