Night of the Open Door


Night of the Open Door is an event based on a long-running, portal-busting event held each year in Berlin, Germany. Spearheaded by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, we were tasked with creating a look that is friendly and inviting to the public in order to showcase all the wonderful items the university has and allows the community to be part of this booming growth. We decided on an owl theme, with bright ASU brand colors, since it's at night and also giving the impression of learning something while having fun. We had fun displaying the owls in all types of poses, and created various icons for people to download and use in their messaging.

owls in van

Originally the event was held at night, with dates chosen for each campus, at a time where there are no other events as well as free campus wide parking. Run by volunteers (staff, students, faculty), this required lots of coordinating, and communication was key to make it a successful events. The event became so popular, that it has since been taken over by the main university, and changed to just Open Door, to accommodate events held during the day.

T shirt

Each year, different shirts and giveaway items were made using our artwork. We often used a main mode of transportation theme like a van, bicycle or skateboard for the each year, suggesting that all you need to do is go to one or all the campuses, since each campus opens its doors on separate days.

Owl illustrations