My Artistic Journey

Hands-on creative leader with a passion for design and art.


I am a hands-on, creative leader with a passion for design and art. As a director I enjoy building inclusive and innovative teams, mentoring others and contributing to all projects and decisions. Being a graphic designer and art director in the higher education sector, such as New York Institute of Technology and Arizona State University, I have experienced the rewards of working in an environment that encourages sharing ideas, continuous growth, and adventurous design. My experience in the business sector has also taught me the importance of budget consciousness, ensuring that the team has the resources they need, and a structured approach to project management.

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Featured artwork

While maintaining the Arizona State University brand, the VisLab used miniatures to develop a recognizable look within that brand.

The DNA poster created prior to this project along with the COVID posters were very well received, and the researchers were eager to get back to the field with an even better product. Based on some feedback from community members, research assistants and the research team to improve the message, people were excited to be represented in the poster and with that in mind they wanted each community to be represented.

Sculpting Science is a unique fusion of art and science, ceramics art students used high-resolution microscopic images of nature for inspiration, and science students used this experience to find new and creative ways to present scientific information.