Lake Turkana region poster illustration

Turkana region woman illustration

Illustrations and graphic design for posters as a tool for learning, teaching and research in the pastoral communities in northern Kenya Lake Turkana region. These posters had to explain the messaging with little to no text.

COVID 19 poster

During COVID-19 educational outreach materials were used to communicate on how to deal with the pandemic. Much thought was given in using culturally appropriate illustrations which made these posters were well remembered by the people since it helped so many gain an understanding as to what was happening.

illustration of men talking

The final COVID-19 posters combined some icons with the hand drawn illustrations based on feedback from the researchers both in the United States as well as Kenya.

Lake Turkana region COVID poster

DNA poster

Prior to these hand-drawn illustrations, we made the research posters more like vector drawn icon type images. Since beads were an important part of the pastoral communities in Northern Kenya, the research team wanted a drawing that uses beads to explain DNA.

DNA explanation poster

The final drawing still incorporated the icons, but the hand-drawn items were placed in as a transition. These too were well received as people make the connection through familiarity of culture represented graphics.