Moxie illustration


Jennifer Fewell was our interim School of Life Sciences director, and the end of her tenure was around the time where we have our annual summer potluck. We asked her if she wanted to do a celebration, but she didn't want one and just wanted to enjoy the small gathering. I created this illustration of her dog, Moxie after connecting with her husband for some ideas as to what items she would enjoy looking at. From past interactions, I knew that blue was one of her favorite colors, so I placed the artwork with a blue background.

We printed the illustration on our poster machine and framed it, and left it on an easel for her to see as she walked in to the room where we had our potluck. She ran up to it and hugged it, and said, "I hope that is for me". It's a small thank-you from us for all the hard work, and I hope that it continues to bring her joy.